Online Compassion Practice

Online Compassion Practice

As part of the Compassion SHIFT initiative, online sessions are led by one of Emory University’s CBCT® certified instructors. These sessions are available to everyone. From any part of the world. Prior to registering, we strongly encourage you to watch two videos that will give a brief overview of compassion training and meditation. These videos will offer a foundation to more deeply understand the topics explored each week.

Introduction to Compassion Trainings (7 minutes):

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Getting Started with Meditation (5 minutes):

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Please register to receive your personal attendance link here:

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After registration, you will receive an email with your own personal link to the compassion practice Zoom room. This personal link will allow you to access all future sessions.  Please save or bookmark this link in your browser in order to join future sessions easily, without re-registering. 



To find your original registration email, search for an email with the subject heading “Compassion Practice Confirmation” that was sent from “Emory Compassion Center <>". Then you may save or bookmark the link there in your browser for future use. If you cannot find the original invitation, feel free to register again and receive a new link.



These sessions are held five times per week at various times to accommodate our global community which spans many time zones. Please note: On November 7, 2021, we in the United States observed daylight savings, so the time for your time zone could have shifted if you live in a country where daylight savings is not observed. The current times are:

Saturdays at 11:00am EST

Sunday at 9:00am EST

Tuesdays at 6:00pm EST

Wednesdays at 8:00am EST

Thursdays at 8:00pm EST

Please see these times reflected in other time zones here:


Use this time zone translator if your time zone is not represented above:(




Who leads the sessions?

All sessions are led by a certified instructor for the research-based compassion-training program known as CBCT®. CBCT® was developed at Emory University in 2004 by Dr. Lobsang Tenzin Negi, Executive Director of the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics.


What can I expect in each session?

Each hour-long session begins with 15-minutes to introduce and explore the weekly topic, followed by a 30-minute guided meditation, and closing with a 15-minute time for informal discussion. During the sessions, instructors will offer optional take-home practices alongside the formal practices. These take-home practices are designed to allow insights that you find valuable from the sessions to flow into everyday life.


What are the “weekly topics”?

CBCT® is based on seven modules, each of which focuses on a key skill in the cultivation of compassion. Every Sunday will begin a new weekly topic, based on the CBCT® sequence, as follows:

Foundation Module: Resting in a Moment of Nurturance

Module I: Attentional Stability and Clarity

Module II: Insight into the Nature of Mental Experience

Cultivating Self-Compassion, Part 1

Cultivating Self-Compassion, Part 2

Expanding Our Circle of Concern

Deepening Gratitude and Tenderness

Harnessing the Power of Compassion



How can I get involved beyond these daily practice sessions?

You may explore the CBCT® webpage (click here) to see a full listing of course offerings and to learn more about compassion training, our many partnerships and outreach programs, the published research articles, and a listing of certified teachers all over the globe. At the Emory Compassion Center, we typically offer four CBCT® Foundation Courses per year that are open to the public and scheduled in a variety of formats. We also provide courses or workshops to organizations and special groups on request. Note that all courses are being offered online during the pandemic.


Can I learn to teach compassion training to others?

Yes. Since 2011, we have been certifying individuals to teach CBCT® in research- and non-research contexts. A prerequisite, before applying, is to attend the full CBCT® Foundation Course to determine if this program is really for you.  After completing the Foundation Course,  you may apply for the six-month certification program which typically runs from June to December each year. Please see this page for a full description of the program as well as dates for the next available teacher certification training.


Why is the Emory Compassion Center offering free practices?

In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Compassion Center began offering free, live, online compassion practice and fellowship sessions multiple times per week. Hundreds of people have attended and reported that these sessions have become a resource for generating personal resilience and fostering a sense of connection during this difficult time. Now, a year later, we hope that these practices continue to be a helpful resource to our global audience.


What if I still have questions?

Please contact with any questions or comments. We enjoy hearing from you!