Other CBCT® Courses

Community-based CBCT® Courses and Special Workshops

Various Locations

We offer community-based CBCT® courses and workshops for a wide variety of organizations including educational groups, faith-based congregations, and businesses. All community-based courses and workshops are taught by a certified CBCT® teacher. Fees vary depending on the length of the course, sponsorship, and other factors. See the organizer of the course you wish to attend for tuition information. For more information about offering a CBCT® course or workshop through your organization, e-mail:

CBCT® Nationally and Internationally

We will also announce CBCT courses that are offered in locations other than Emory’s programs in Atlanta, Georgia.  For example, in 2017 and 2018,  CBCT was taught in Ann Arbor, MI; Charleston, SC; Cleveland, OH; New York, NY; Tucson, AZ; Cambridge, MA; Barcelona, Spain; Frankfurt, Germany; Mexico City, Mexico; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Get Involved/Contact

The CBCT® program includes a growing number of certified instructors and is regularly expanding its programming and research areas. We welcome offers of support and ideas for new applications or populations who may benefit from learning the core CBCT® concepts and skills. Please contact Zipporah Slaughter for all inquiries, / 404.727.8166.